600/1000V ABC –Aerial Bundled Cables to DES/LVC/ABC Specification & IEC 60502 (AL/XLPE)


The aerial bundled cables designed for overhead distribution lines have all conductors made of aluminium 1350 and insulated with XLPE. Can be used for fixed installation as overhead power lines up to 1000 V incl.


  • DES/LVC/ABC Specification
  • IEC 60502


Conductor (for either phase, neutral or street lighting) The conductors shall be of H68 aluminium conductor and compacted circular stranded (RM).
Insulation XLPE.
Assembly The cores shall be laid up with a left-hand lay.


Number of cores x nominal cross section min. breaking load of conductor strand Current rating in the air Outer diameter Total weight
mm^2 kN A mm kg/km
4x25 RM 3.5 84 21.5 420
4x35 RM 4.9 104 23.9 550
4x120+1x25 RM 16.8 246 43.8 1800
4x185+1x25 RM 25.9 332 50.7 2700

other cross-sections on request

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