Flat Copper Tape / Bar



Bare Copper Tape / Bar is used for both lightning and earthing protection - Our copper earth tapes / bars are annealed for ease of use with radiuses edges. These high conductivity bare copper tapes / bars are used on both lightning protection and earthing applications.


BS EN 13601(previously BS 1432-C101)

Flat Copper Tape / Bar Flat Copper Tape / Bar


Raw Material: Pure copper
Appearance and surface quality: The surface shall be smooth and free from imperfection.
Width: 25~140mm
Thickness: 3~30mm
Copper Layer Purity : Minimum 99.9% pure
Glancing Flatness : 4mm/m

Technical Infomation

Melting Point 1083°C
Density 8.94 g/cm³
Specific heat 385 J/Kg °K
Thermal conductivity 399 W/m°C
Thermal expansion coefficient (20-200°C) 17.3 x 10-6
Electrical conductivity 101.5 % IACS
Electrical resistivity 0.017 microhm m
Modulus of elasticity 118000 N/mm²

Construction Parameters

Part NO. SIZE(mm) Cross Section(mm²)
CCL-BCT-5x30 30mm x 5mm 150 mm²
CCL-BCT-5x50 50mm x 5mm 250 mm²
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