300/500V Limited Fire Hazard Track Circuit Feeder Cables to SE895


The cables are designed for making connection across the track at the ballast level to the running rails for the signalling track circuits. They are characterized by being high resistant to mechanical damage, fi re and contaminants such as oil and water.


  • SE895
  • UNE 21027

Cable Construction

300/500V Limited Fire Hazard Track Circuit Feeder Cables Railway Cable
Conductors Stranded tinned copper conductors to IEC 60228 class 2 or 5.
Insulation LSZH Insulation

Electrical Characteristics at 20℃

Nominal Conductor Cross Section mm^2 4.0
Maximum DC Conductor Resistance Ω/km 4.7
Voltage Rating KV 0.3/0.5

Mechanical and Thermal Properties

  • Minimum Bending Radius: 7.5×OD
  • Temperature Range: -25℃ to +85℃ (during operation); -10℃ to +70℃ (during installation)

Dimensions and Weight

Cable Code No. of cores& Nominal Conductor Cross Sectional Area No. & Nominal Diameter of Strands Nominal Insulation Thickness Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
  No.×mm^2 No/mm mm mm kg/km
RF895-ES05Z-U-300/500V-1G4 1×4.0 7/0.85 0.8 6.8 85

U is changed to K if the stranding class is changed from class 2 to class 5