LiYCY (TP) Control Cable
LiYCY Twisted Pair Shielded Signal and Control Cable DIN Color Coded

Application : Data transmission cables used in control and signal lines and in electronics for computer systems, electronic control and regulation, office machinery where cables of robust construction and relatively small outer diameter are required. The overall screening protects against external electrical influences and ensures precise transmission. LiYCY (TP) is a data transmission cable with particularly efficient screening against electromagnetic interference. The pair-twisted conductors in this Caledonian LiYCY reduce electrical cross-talk between adjacent pairs and this offers protection against capacitive influences by external electrical fields, which are for example caused by parallel running power cables.

Special Feature: The twisted pairs are covered with a copper braid, which ensures an optimal screening against electrical interference. Additionally the copper braid serves as a signal earthing to ensure fixed potentials. (TP) = twisted pair

Cable Make-up: Fine strands of plain copper wire, PVC-based core insulation, cores twisted in pairs, pairs twisted in layers, colour coded acc. to DIN 47100, foil wrapping, screen braiding of tinned copper wire, outer sheath of special PVC-based compound, flame-retardant according to VDE 0482, part 265-2-1/ IEC 60332-1 (according to VDE 0472 part 804 test type b), pebble grey (RAL 7032).

Standards: VDE 0812 and VDE 0814-SEV approved PVC control cables.

Conductor: Flexible in stranded bare copper according to VDE 0295/CL.5 and IEC 288/CL.5.

Insulation: PVC. Y12 DIN VDE 0207 part 4

Laying UP: Cores twisted into pairs - pairs twisted into layers.

Screen: Tinned copper wire braid - with tinned copper stranded draining wire (if requested).

Sheath: PVC Grey according to RAL 7001 or RAL 7032 on other colors

Minimum Bend Radius:   6 x cable diameter

Temperature range: -30°C to +70°C

Nominal Voltage: 250V

Test Voltage: 26 AWG: 1200V ,   >26 AWG: 1500V

Inductance: Nominal 0.65 mH/km

Mutual Capacitance: Cond/cond.: 120 nF/km ,   Cond/shield: 160 nF/km

Conductor Stranding: Fine Wire

Color Code: DIN 47100,

18 AWG (32/32) 1.0 mm2 LiYCY (TP) cable
21 AWG (16/32) 0.50 mm2 LiYCY (TP) cable
24 AWG (14/34) 0.25 mm2 LiYCY (TP) cable
26 AWG (18/38) 0.14 mm2 LiYCY (TP) cable