PVC Flatform PVC PVC

Application: Designed to be used in conveying and hoisting equipment, floor conveyor systems and as electrical supply to moving machine components. These Cables are highly flexible and designed to be subjected to heavy and frequent bending.
Standards: BS6977, IEC227 Part 6 & CENELEC HD 359 S2
Conductor: Flexible class 5 copper conductors
Insulation: PVC
Sheath: PVC
Colour: Black
Voltage Rating: 300/500V
Temperature rating: -5 to +70C
Minimum bending radius: 10 x thickness of cable
Core Identification: Black Cores with white numerals Green/Yellow earth conductor
Electrical Properties Rated Voltage: 0.75 C 1.0mm 2 300/500V (rms)
Test Voltage: 2kV (rms)/15 minutes
Mechanical Properties Free Suspension Length: Max. 45m
Travelling Height: Max. 80m
Running Speed: Max. 10m/s


0.75 mm2 conductor PVC Flatform cable
1.00 mm2 conductor PVC Flatform cable