Product Name/Code: 8776 Electrical Performance
Application: Max. inner Conductor Resistance /Km 54.8
Multi-Conductor-Audio, Control, & Instrumentation Cables Voltage Rating(V) 30
Construction Nominal Impedance( ) 50
15Pairs(30CORES) Stranded Tinned Copper Nominal Velocity ratio (%) 66%
AWG 22 Capacitance (pF/m) C1 105
Construction 7x0.25 Capacitance (pF/m) C2 190
Conductor Diameter (mm) 0.67    
Insulation PVC/PE/PP/XLPE/LSF/LSOH    
Thickness 0.60    
Insulation Diameter(mm) 1.87    
Insulation Color


Drain wire Stranded Tinned Copper    
AWG 22    
Construction Stranded    
Over all Screen AL/PET    
Construction Multipair overall laid up in aluminum-Foil Polyester Tape Screen    
Sheath PVC/LSF/LSOH    
Thickness(mm) 1.0    
Diameter(mm) 14.5    
Core Identification/Color Code According to customer request    
Bending Radius 6xOverall Diameter    
Operating Temperature( ) -20/80    
Fire Performance
Flame Propagation Test to IEC 60332 Part 1 and Part 3
Determination of the amount Halogen Acid Gas to IEC 60754 Part 1
Smoke Density Test to IEC 61034
Oxygen Index Test to BS 2863 or ISO 4589-2
Temperature Index Test to BS 2782 or ISO 4589-3
Fire Resistant Test to IEC 60331-24