Bare Copper Conductor

CCl-BC-R(Cu Class2)


Stranded Class 2 bare copper wire to BS EN 60228 / IEC 60228 cables are non insulated and non sheathed soft drawn copper to BS6360/81. Stranded bare soft or annealed copper conductors are recommended for use as neutrals, in circuit ground connections as well as machinery and equipment grounding systems. Soft copper may be used for transformer drop leads or other non-tension hook-up jumpers.


Basic design to BS 6360 and BS EN 60228 / IEC 60228

Bare Copper Conductor Abc Cable

Features And Benefits

Stranded bare soft or annealed copper conductors are suitable for direct burial and do not suffer from the inherent corrosion problems that an aluminum conductor would. Copper is almost twice as conductive as aluminum. Copper is easier than aluminum to terminate and join at splices and joints.


Bare copper conductors are compressed concentric-lay-stranded consisting of one or more layers of wire wrapped helically around a straight round central wire. Each successive layer has six wires more than the layer immediately beneath. Greater flexibility is afforded by using Class 2 stranding. The direction of lay for the outer layer is left hand lay. In 7,19 and 37 wire constructions, the direction of lay of each successive layer is reversed.

Technical Infomation

Construction characteristics
Conductor material Electrolytic, stranded and bare copper
Conductor class Class 2 according to BS EN60228
Usage characteristics
Minimum Installation Temperature 0°C
Maximum Installation Temperature 60°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -15°C
Maximum Operating Temperature 70°C
Maximum conductor temperature 90°C
Linear resistance @20°C According to BS EN60228 / IEC 60228
Short-circuit max. conductor temperature 370°C
Mechanical characteristics
Min. Bending Radius 35mm^2 up to 400mm^2 = 6 x OD

Construction Parameters

Part No. Cross Section No./Nominal Diameter of Strands Conductor Nominal Diameter Approx. Weight Max. DC Resistance at 20°C
mm^2 No./mm mm kg/km Ω/km
CCL-BC-R 50 50 mm^2 19/1.78 8.90 430 0.387
CCL-BC-R 70 70 mm^2 19/2.14 10.70 625 0.268
CCL-BC-R 95 95 mm^2 19/2.52 12.60 866 0.193
CCL-BC-R 120 120 mm^2 37/2.03 14.25 1090 0.153
CCL-BC-R 185 185 mm^2 37/2.52 17.64 1680 0.099
CCL-BC-R 240 240 mm^2 61/2.25 20.30 2220 0.075
CCL-BC-R 300 300 mm^2 61/2.52 22.68 2780 0.060
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