Rolling Stock Cables

Caledonian provides a full range of products from Medium Voltage to Low Voltage cables, and from Standard Wall, Medium Wall to Thin Wall designs. The materials used have been specially developed to improve mechanical and thermal properties, fire performance and extended life using advanced technologies, such as electron beam irradiation and silan.

New challenges in the rolling stock industry must be met due to long-awaited equipment upgrades, booming freight traffic and high-speed train projects, and the growing need for conventional subways,fully-automated metros,and lightrail suburban vehicles worldwide. Caledonian manufactures a complete range of rolling stock cables and components, meeting national and international standards, we supply wide range of rolling stock cables from 300V to 6kV in cross section area of 0.5mmsq to 400mmsq covering diverse railway standards. All cables meet strict technical requirements in terms of electrical safety, fire-performance (low-smoke and toxicity, continuous operation in the event of fire).

Caledonian rolling stock cables provide our railway customers with future headroom by meeting the following:

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