1x RG11 + 3x2.5 Power Cable + 3x1x2x22AWG Data Pairs SWB PVC Sheathed Composite Cable


comosite cable

1x75Ohm RG11 Coaxial Cable ( in the center of the cable core)

Conductor 1.63mm Solid bare copper
Insulation Polyethylene.Thickness 7.25mm.
Shield Braid of bare copper wire.Coverage 95%
Sheath PVC sheath. Nominal outer diameter is10.3mm.
Sheath Color Black

3x1x2x22AWG Shielded Twisted Pair ( around coaxial cable)

Conductor 7/0.254mm Stranded tinned copper.
Insulation PVC material.Thickness 0.50mm.
Insulation Color White andblack
Individual Shield Aluminum polyester tape
Drain Wire 24AWG Stranded tinned copper
Sheath PVC sheath.Thickness0.8mm.
Sheath Color Black with white number code

3x2.5mm^2 Power Cable ( around coaxial cable)

Conductor 2.5mm² Stranded tinned copper wire.
Insulation XLPE.Outer diameter 3.41mm
Insulation Color Blue,Brown and Green/Yellow

Element Assembly

Filler PP material(around coaxial cable)
WrappingTape Polyester tape or woven tape.
Inner Sheath Black PVC,thickness1.0mm
Armor Steel wire braid, dia. 0.2mm,coverage85%
Outer Sheath PVC thickness1.8mm,Nominal outer diameter 28.3mm
Sheath Color Black
Cable weight 550kg/km

Electrical and Physical Properties@20°C:

Coaxial Cable

  • Impedance: 75±3Ohm (@1MHz)
  • Max.Attenuation:3.3dB/100m @50MHz

Power Cable

  • Electrical Resistance: 7.41Ohm/km
  • Insulation Resistance: ≥5500 MOhmxkm

Data Pairs

  • Electrical Resistance: 49Ohm/km
  • Insulation Resistance: ≥1000 MOhmxkm
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