Flame Retardant SWA 16 Conductors UV Resistant & Vermin Proof FRPVC Composite Cable


Composite Cable

1 Pair Power cable and 1 ground wire

Conductor 2.10mm^2(42/0.25mm) annealed copper
Insulation PVC material. Thickness 0.5mm
Insulation Color Black and white
Ground wire color Yellow-Green

6 Page and party pairs, 1 control wire

Conductor 0.93mm^2(19/0.25mm) annealed copper
Insulation PVC material. Thickness 0.5mm
Insulation Pair Color Red-Black/Red, Violet-black/violet, Green-black/green, Blue-black/
blue,Yellow-black/yellow, Brown-black/brown
Control wire color Orange

Element Assembly

Core make-up Six pairs and control wire laid around power pair and ground wire
Collective screen Aluminium/p.e.t.p. laminated tape applied with the metallic side down in electrical contact with 7 stranded 0.25mm copper drain wire over the
p.e.t.p. binder tape
Bedding 1.0mm FRPVC compound
Armor 1.6mm Galvanized steel wire. 0.2mm 80% Steel wire braid/1.25mm
galvanized steel wire are optional
Sheath UV Resistant & Vermin Proof FRPVC compound is applied over armour..
Thickness 1.7mm, Overall diameter 26.75±1.25mm
Sheath Color Black
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