3x2.5 Power Cable + 6C Fiber Optic Cable SWB Armored Composite Cable


Composite Cable

3x2.5mm^2 Power Cable

Conductor 7/0.67mm Stranded bare copper wire
Insulation XLPE compound. Nominal outer diameter 3.41mm
Insulation Color Blue, Brown and Green/Yellow

6 Core Central Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable

Optical Fiber Single-mode cabled fibers meet or exceed the requirements of ITUT
G.652.D specification
loose tube PBT tubes1.80±0.1mm outer diameter, contains 6 fibers, The tubes are
filled with a thixotropic gel to prevent the ingress of water
Fiber Glass Yarn Fiber Glass Yarn is laid over the tube core to serve as peripheral strength
Sheath PE outer Sheathis extruded over the glass yarn, Nominal outer diameter
is about 3.40mm
Sheath Color Black

Element Assembly

Central Strength Member 1.5mm FRP central strength member with PE/PVC coating if necessary
Strength member Aramid yarn helically is applied over cable core.
Inner Sheath Black PE, thickness 1.0mm
Armor Steel wire braid, coverage 80%, 0.25mm steel tape armor is optional
Outer Sheath PE, thickness 1.80mm, nominal outer diameter 16.00±1.0mm
Sheath Color Black

Optical Characteristics:

Single-mode fibers meet or exceed the requirements of ITUT G.652.D, as listed in below:

Parameter Standard Single Mode Fiber per ITU-T G.652D Non-zero Dispersion Shifted fiber per ITU-T G.655 Non-zero Dispersion Shifted fiber per ITU-T G.656 Units
Fiber Code 9 8 7
Attenuation, Loose Tube Cables @1310nm ≤0.35 N/A N/A dB/km
@1550nm ≤0.22 ≤0.22 ≤0.22 dB/km
@1625nm ≤0.25 ≤0.26 ≤0.26 dB/km
Attenuation, Tight Buffer or Semi-Tight Cables @1310nm ≤0.38 N/A dB/km
@1550nm ≤0.28 N/A dB/km
Chromatic Dispersion between 1260 and 1360nm (O Band) ≤3.5 N/A N/A ps/(nm*km)
between 1460 and 1530nm (S Band) N/A N/A 2.0-7.0 ps/(nm*km)
between 1530 and 1565nm (C Band) ≤18 1.0-10.0 7.0-10.0 ps/(nm*km)
between 1565 and 1625nm (L Band) ≤22 7.0-12.0 10.0-14.0 ps/(nm*km)
Zero Dispersion Wavelength 1310±11 1530-1560 1460-1565 nm
Zero Dispersion Slope 0.093 0.093 0.093 ps/(nm2.km)
Point Discontinuity at 1300nm&1550nm 0.1 0.1 0.1 dB
Mode Field Diameter @1300nm 9.3±0.5 N/A N/A um
@1550nm 10.4±0.8 8.5±0.6 9.0±0.5 um
Cable Cut-offWavelength ≤1260 ≤1450 ≤1450 nm
PMD (Individual fiber) ≤0.2 ≤0.2 ≤0.2 ps/km1/2
Cladding Diameter 125±1 125±1 125±1 um
Core/Cladding Concentricity Error ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.6 um
Cladding Non-Circularity ≤1.0 ≤1.0 ≤1.0 %
Coating Non-Circularity ≤6.0 ≤6.0 ≤6.0 %
Primary Coating Diameter 245±10 245±10 245±10 um
Proof-Test Level 100 (0.7) 100 (0.7) 100 (0.7) Kpsi/GN/m2
Fatigue Coefficient ≥20 ≥20 ≥20
Temperature Dependence between 0°C ~ +70°C @ 1310& 1550nm 0.1 0.1 0.1 Db/km

The fibers contain no splices

Electrical and Physical Properties @20°C:

Maximum Crush Resistance:

  • Long Term: 300N
  • Short Term: 10000N

Bending radius:

  • Under Installation: 25×OD
  • During Operation: 12.5×OD

Temperature Range:

  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C (-40 oF to +70°C (+158 oF)
  • Storage Temperature Range: -50°C (-58 oF to +70°C (+158 oF)

Minimum Tensile Resistance:

  • Under Installation: 1500N
  • During Operation: 600N
  • Repeated Impact: 4.0 N.m (J
  • Twist (Torsion): 180x10 times, 125xOD
  • Cyclic Flexing: 25 cycles for armoured cables;
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