600V Unjacketed Hoistway Cable


600V Hoistway cables permit faster and easier interconnection of hoistway control and signaling devices. The insulated, identified conductors, cabled together and bound with a strong spiral binder for quick removal for breakout connections.


Insulated Conductors

Soft-drawn, solid or stranded bare copper conductors per ASTM Standards B3 and B174.

The conductors are insulated with flame retardant 60°C polyvinyl chloride and are rated at 600V in accordance with the requirements of UL 62, CSA C22 .2 No. 49 and the appropriate articles of the NEC and Canadian Electrical codes. Each conductor is color and number-coded for easy identification.

Shielded Pairs (optional)

Two insulated 20 AWG soft-drawn bare copper conductors, PVC insulated, twisted with a bare drain wire.

The laminated polyester and aluminum foil tape creates 100% shield coverage. The assembly has an overall colored PVC jacket and rated 300V.

Coaxial Cable (optional)

RG-6, 75 ohm and 300V rated coaxial cable.


High-strength synthetic fiber applied over the core to help maintain core shape, torsion balance and add mechanical strength.

Jacket (Optional)

An optional flame retardant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket is available upon request and in accordance with UL 1084 and CSA FT-1.


No. Of cores x cross section Nominal overall diameter Cable weight
n x AWG mm kg/km
3x14 7.9 88
8x14 12.7 228
14x14 16.0 399
4x16 8.4 81
19x16 16.1 384
4x18 6.9 59
7x18 8.6 100
10x18 10.9 144
12x18 11.7 172
14x18 12.4 203
16x18 13.5 238
19x18 14.2 274
21x18 16.5 303
24x18 16.8 349
30x18 18.3 432
37x18 19.8 566
42x18 21.3 643
61x18 24.9 930
4x14+35x18 21.6 635
14x14+24x18+2x2x20 24.4 891
4x14+45x18 24.9 789
4x14+58x18 27.2 979
6x14+61x18+2x2x20 30.1 1214
4x14+40x18+6x2x20+1xRG6 26.7 936
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