BS5308 Part 2 Technical Information

Instrument Cables BS 5308 Part 2 Colour code

BS 5308 Part 2 Colour Identification

BS 5308 Part 1 Colour code

*For bi- coloured cores the first colour is the base colour

Single Quad (2 pair) are colour coded in clockwise order of rotation: Black, Blue, Green and Brown Individually screened pairs can also be identified by means of a polyester tape over blue and white pairs For cables in triple configuration please request colour code at time of enquiry

Instrument Cables BS 5308 Part 2- PVC Insulated

VDE Reference Code

PVC SheathType :
  • RE-Y(St)Y (Overall Screen)
  • RE-Y(St)Y PiMF(Individual Screen+Overall Screen)
  • RE-Y(St)Y-SWA(Overall Screen+Steel Wire Amour)
  • RE-Y(St)Y PiMF-SWA(Individual Screen+Overall Screen+Steel Wire Amour)
LSOH SheathType :
  • RE-H (St)H(Overall Screen)
  • RE-H(St)HPiMF(Individual Screen+Overall Screen)
  • RE-H(St)-H-SWA(Overall Screen+Steel Wire Amour)
  • RE-H(St)HPiMF-SWA(Individual Screen+Overall Screen+ Steel Wire Amour)
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