All cable types shall be uniquely defined by a five character alpha-numeric code:

  • 1st. Fire performance / Voltage rating
  • 2nd. Cable construction
  • 3rd. No. of cores, pairs, triples, quadruples
  • 4th&5th. Conductor cross-sectional area

1st. Fire performance / Voltage rating

F Fire resistant, reduced halogen 150/250V M Flame retardant, reduced halogen 3.8/6.6kV
G Fire resistant, low smoke and fume 150/250V N Flame retardant, reduced halogen 1.9/3.3kV
H Flame retardant, reduced halogen 8.7/15kV P Flame retardant, reduced halogen 6.35/11kV
J Flame retardant, reduced halogen 150/250V W Flame retardant, low smoke and fume 600/1000V
K Flame retardant, low smoke and fume 150/250V X Fire resistant, reduced halogen 600/1000V
L Flame retardant, reduced halogen 600/1000V Y Fire resistant, low smoke and fume 600/1000V

2nd. Cable construction

A Flame retardant Black (06/1kV); Red (HV) Bronze braid  
B Flame retardant Black (06/1kV) ; Red (HV) GSWB  
C Fire resistant Black (06/1kV) Bronze braid  
D Fire resistant Black (06/1kV) GSWB  
E Flame retardant Green / Yellow None None
F Flame retardant Black None None
G Flame retardant Blue GSWB Collective Screen
H Flame retardant Blue GSWB Individual Screen
J Flame retardant Grey GSWB Collective Screen
K Flame retardant Grey GSWB Individual Screen
L Fire resistant Blue GSWB Collective Screen
M Fire resistant Blue GSWB Individual Screen
N Fire resistant Grey GSWB Collective Screen
P Fire resistant Grey GSWB Individual Screen
Y Flame retardant Orange GSWB Co-axial

3rd. No. of cores, pairs, triples, quadruples

1 Single core B 19 cores K 12 pairs T 7 triples
2 2 cores C 27 cores L 20 pairs U 12 triples
3 3 cores D 37 cores M 27 pairs X 1 quard
4 4 cores F 1 pair N 37 pairs Y 3 quards
7 7 cores H 3 pairs R 1 triple Z 7 quards
A 12 cores J 7 pairs S 3 triples    

4th&5th. Conductor cross-sectional area

00 0.75mm^2 Flexible (Class5) stranded tinned copper 50 50mm^2 Stranded tinned copper
01 1.00mm^2 Flexible (Class5) stranded tinned copper 70 70mm^2 Stranded tinned copper
02 1.50mm^2 Flexible (Class5) stranded tinned copper 95 95mm^2 Stranded tinned copper
03 2.50mm^2 Stranded tinned copper 0A 120mm^2 Stranded tinned copper
04 4.0mm^2 Stranded tinned copper 0B 150mm^2 Stranded tinned copper
05 4.0mm^2 Solid tinned copper 0C 185mm^2 Stranded tinned copper
06 6.0mm^2 Stranded tinned copper 0D 240mm^2 Stranded tinned copper
10 10mm^2 Stranded tinned copper 0E 300mm^2 Stranded tinned copper
16 16mm^2 Stranded tinned copper 0F 400mm^2 Stranded tinned copper
25 25mm^2 Stranded tinned copper 0G 500mm^2 Stranded tinned copper
35 35mm^2 Stranded tinned copper 0H 630mm^2 Stranded tinned copper
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