33KV Power Cables to BS 7835 NR/PS/ELP/00008


The cables are used to distribute three phase a.c. electrical power supplies at nominal system voltages of 33KV to traction substations on D.C. electrifi ed lines.


  • NR/PS/ELP/00008(formerly RT/E/PS/00008)
  • BS 6622, BS 6234, BS 7454
  • IEC 60502-2, IEC60840

Cable Construction

33KV Power Cables Railway Cable
Conductors Class 1 circular solid aluminium (for 185 mm^2) or class 2 compact circular stranded plain copper (for 300mm^2) to BS EN 60228: 2005 (previously BS 6360).
Conductor Screen Extruded semi-conducting XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) solidly bonded.
Insulation XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene).
Insulation Screen Extruded semi-conducting XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene), solidly bonded and cold strippable.
Separator Semi conducting water blocking tape.
Screen Copper wire screen, helically wound with equalising copper tape.
Separator Semi conducting water blocking tape.
Sheath Graphite coated MDPE type TS2.

Electrical Characteristics at 20℃

Nominal Conductor Cross Section mm^2 185 300
Maximum DC Conductor Resistance Ω/km 0.164 0.0601
Capacitance μF/km 0.205 0.243
Voltage Rating KV 19/33 19/33

Mechanical and Thermal Properties

  • Minimum Bending Radius: 15×OD
  • Temperature Range: 0℃ to +90℃ (during operation); 0℃ to +60℃ (during installation)

Dimensions and Weight

Cable Code No. of cores& Nominal Conductor Cross Sectional Area Nominal Thickness of Conductor Screen Nominal Thickness of Insulation & Insulation Screen Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
  No.×mm^2 mm mm/mm mm kg/km
RF00008-RHZ1H16-19/33KV-1G185AL 1×185 0.9 8.0/0.6 45.0 2200
RF00008-RHZ1H16-19/33KV-1G300CU 1×300 0.9 8.0/0.6 50.0 4500
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