Scada/Pilot Cables NR/PS/ELP/27220


The telecom cables are suitable for modem based supervisory system operating in the VF range from 300 to 3000Hz.


  • NR/PS/ELP/27220 (formerly RT/E/PS/0034)

Cable Construction

Scada/Pilot Cables NR/PS/ELP/27220 Railway Cable
Conductors Class 1 solid plain copper conductor 0.9 mm nominal diameter to BS 6360, complies with BS 3573.
Insulation Solid polyethylene type 03 to BS 6234.
Cabling Element Two insulated conductors are twisted together to form a pair.
Filling Petroleum jelly filled.
Core Wrapping PETP (Polyethylene Terephthalate) tape.
Moisture Barrier One laminated sheath made of aluminium tape coated with PE-Copolymer on at least one side is applied with longitudinally overlap.
Inner Sheath Low density polyethylene type 03C to BS 6234.
Screen Aluminium wire screen.
Core Wrapping Water blocking tape.
Sheath Low density polyethylene type 03C to BS 6234.

Electrical Characteristics at 20℃

Nominal Conductor Diameter mm 0.9
Maximum Conductor Resistance Ω/km 30.0
Maximum Average Mutual Capacitance @1000Hz (AC) nF/km 71
Maximum Capacitance Unbalance @1000Hz pair to pair pF/500m 275

Mechanical and Thermal Properties

  • Minimum Bending Radius: 10×OD
  • Temperature Range: -25℃ to +85℃ (during operation); -10℃ to +70℃ (during installation)

Dimensions and Weight

Cable Code Number of Pairs Nominal Sheath Thickness Maximum Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
    mm mm kg/km
0.9mm Conductor, 1.5mm Insulated Wire
RS27220-2Y(F)(L)2YB2Y-10P0.9 10 1.8 25.8 755
RS27220-2Y(F)(L)2YB2Y-20P0.9 20 1.8 27.8 946
RS27220-2Y(F)(L)2YB2Y-30P0.9 30 2.0 31.8 1225
RS27220-2Y(F)(L)2YB2Y-50P0.9 50 2.0 35.8 1643
RS27220-2Y(F)(L)2YB2Y-75P0.9 75 2.2 41.6 2240
RS27220-2Y(F)(L)2YB2Y-100P0.9 100 2.2 46.6 2780
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