PE/PVC Insulated Parallel Drop Wires to RUS (REA) PE-7


The drop wires are designed for use in extending telephone circuits to subscriber premises by means of an aerial drop from distribution wire or cables. The shape may be in oval/dumbbell shape to aid in separation of conductors.


  • RUS (REA) PE-7
  • ASTM B227, B452 & B1


Telephone Cable -  RUS PE-7 REA PE-7 - Indoor Telephone Cables
Conductors Two conductors made of 0.9/1.0/1.023mm copper covered steel wires serve dually as conductor and strength members.
Bonding Bonding of the insulation to the conductors is made to assure the full conductor strength is transferred to the wire support clamps.
Insulation Conductors are laid in a parallel configuration and covered with low density or medium density polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Electrical properties

Nominal Conductor Diameter mm 0.9 1.0 1.023
Conductor Gauge Size AWG 19 18.5 18
Conductor Size mm2 0.636 0.785 0.827
Minimum Insulation Resistance @500V DC MΩ.km / MΩ.kft 30/100 30/100 30/100
Dielectric Strength Conductor to Conductor(3secs) V DC 7050 7050 7050
Nominal Insulation Thickness mm/inch 1.02/0.039 1.02/0.039 1.02/0.039
Nominal Insulated Conductor Diameter mm/inch 2.94/0.116 3.04/0.117 3.06/0.118

Mechanical and thermal properties

Temperature range during operation (fixed state) : -30°C – +70°C

Temperature range during installation (mobile state) : -20°C – +50°C

Minimum bending radius : 7.5 x Overall Diameter (unarmoured cables)

Dimensions and weight

Cable Code Number of Cores Insulation Material Nominal Insulation Thickness Nominal Overall Dimensions Nominal Weight
mm/inch mm/inch kg/km / lbs/kft
1.023mm Conductor, 3.06 Insulated Wire
TP7-2Y-1P18A-SS 2 PE 1.02/0.04 3.0x7.0/0.11x0.28 32/22
TP7-Y-1P18A-SS 2 PVC 1.45/0.06 3.9x7.6/0.15x0.30 49/33
1.0mm Conductor, 3.04 Insulated Wire
TP7-Y-1P18/5A-SS 2 PVC 1.02/0.04 3.9x7.4/0.15x0.29 46/31
0.9mm Conductor, 2.94 Insulated Wire
TP7-2Y-1P19A-SS 2 PE 1.02/0.04 2.9x7.7/0.11x0.30 25/17
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