Fire Performance Standard

American & Canadian
Fire Resistance Level Test Requirement NEC Article NEC Article NEC Article NEC Article
800 770 725 760
Communication/ Multipurpose Cable Optical Fibre Cable Class 2/3 Cable Power Limited, Fire protective signaling circuit cable
Residential Cables Restricted use (Lowest) UL1581 VW-1 CSA-FT1 CMX N.A. CL3X CL2X N.A.
General Purpose Cables UL-1581 (Vertical Tray) CSA-FT4 (Vertical Tray) MP CM OFN OFC CL3 CL2 FPL
Riser Communication Cables UL1666 (Vertical Shaft) CSA-FT4 (Vertical Tray) MPP CMR OFNR OFCR CL3R CL2R FPLR
Plenum Communication Cables (Highest) UL-910 (Steiner Tunnel) CSA-FT6 (Steiner Tunnel) MPP CMP OFNP OFCP CL3P CL2P FPLP

Property Grade Applicable Standard Definition
Flame Retardancy PVC/LSZH IEC 332-1 A single cable is clamped vertically in a metal screen and a flame is applied for 60 sec. The cable has to be self extinguishing.
CEI 20-35
Reduced flame propagation PVC/LSZH IEC 332-3A/B/C The test measures the non propagation of fire of a bunch of cables. With a number of cable pieces of 3.5m long each, the cable are subject to burning by a horizontal flame for 20 mins (part C) or 40 mins (part A) and must not burn for more than 2.5m from the top of the burner.
VDE 0472, part 804 A/B/C
BS 4066 part 3A/B/C
CEI20-22 2/3
NBN C30.004
NFC 32070 C1-C2
IEEE 383
Smoke Density LSZH IEC 1034 part 1 & 2 The test measures the level of light transmittance of the sample prepared per IEC 1034-2 using the apparatus specified IEC 1034+1. It measures the value of smoke generated (AO) in a 3m cube test chamber.
VDE 0472 part 816
BS 6742
CEI 2037-3
NFF 16101
UNE 21-172 part 1&2
ASTM E-662
Acid Gas Emission (Halogen Content) LSZH IEC 754 part 1 The test measures the halogen gas (HCL) content evolved during combustion. The 0.5% acid has been accepted as a working definition of zero halogen.
VDE 0472 part 815
BS 6425-part 1
CEI 2037-1
UNE 21-147 P1
Corrosive Gas Emission LSZH IEC 754-part 2 The amount of acid gas evolved during combustion is expressed in terms of a) conductivity of a solution of the gas in water, in which case the lower the result the lower the acid gas concentration and b) the pH of the solution, in which case the lower the value the higher the acid gas concentration.
VDE 0472 part 813
BS 6425-part2
UNE 21-147 P2
Toxicity Index LSZH NES 713 A analysis of the gases evolved when the test specimen is burned and a toxicity index is calculated from the analysis, being weighted according to the known toxicity of the gas present.
CEI 2037-2
UNE 21-174
UITP vol 1
NFF 63808 NFF 16101
Oxygen Index LSZH BS 2782-1Method 141 This test gives a measure of the polymers flammability characteristics. It measures the minimum concentration of oxygen in an atmosphere of oxygen and nitrogen which will just sustain combustion of the test specimen.
ASTM S-2863
ISO 4589-2
Flammability Temperature Index LSZH BS 2782-1 Method 143 With the oxygen concentration kept constant at 21% in the oxygen index test, the test temperature is varied until the combustion is just sustained.
NES 715
ISO 4589-3
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