IEEE Cable standards

IEEE cable standard code name
IEEE 1073.3.2-2000 (Medical device communications - Transport profile - IrDA based cable connected)
IEEE 1073.4.1-2000 (Medical device communications - Physical layer interface - Cable connected)
IEEE 1120-1990 (Guide to the factors to be considered in the planning, design, and installation of submarine power and communications cables)
IEEE 1143-1994 (Guide on shielding practice for low voltage cables)
IEEE 1185-1994 (Guide for installation methods for generating station cables)
IEEE 1202-1991 (Flame testing of cables for use in cable tray in industrial and commercial occupancies)
IEEE 1210-1996 (Determining compatibility of cable pulling lubricants with wire and cable)
IEEE 1235-2000 (Guide for the properties of identifiable jackets for underground power cables and ducts)
2-1999 (Guide for specifying and selecting power, control, and special-purpose cable for petroleum and chemical plants)
IEEE 1300-1996 (Guide for cable connections for gas-insulated substations)
IEEE 1333-1994 (Guide for installation of cable using the guided boring method)
IEEE 1406-1998 (Guide to the use of gas-in-fluid analysis for electric power cable systems)
IEEE 1407-1998 (Trial-use guide for accelerated aging tests for medium-voltage extruded electric power cables using water-filled tanks)
IEEE 383-1974 (Type test of class 1E electric cables; field splices and connections for nuclear power generating stations)
IEEE 400-2001 (Guide for field testing and evaluation of the insulation of shielded power cable systems)
IEEE 404-2000 (Extruded and laminated dielectric shielded cable joints rated 2500 V to 500000 V)
IEEE 48-1996 (Test procedures and requirements for alternating-current cable terminations 2.5 kV through 765 kV)
IEEE 525-1992 (Guide for the design and installation of cable systems in substations)
IEEE 532-1993 (Guide for selecting and testing jackets for underground cables)
IEEE 576-2000 (Recommended practice for installation, termination, and testing of insulated power cable as used in industrial and commercial applications)
IEEE 592-1990 (Exposed semiconducting shields on high-voltage cable joints and separable insulated connectors)
IEEE 628-2001 (Criteria for the design, installation, and qualification of raceway systems for class 1E circuits for nuclear power generating stations)
IEEE 635-1989 (Guide for selection and design of aluminium sheaths for power cables)
IEEE 664-1993 (Guide for laboratory measurement of the power dissipation characteristics of aeolian vibration dampers for single conductors)
IEEE 835-1994 (Power cable ampacity tables)
IEEE 848-1996 (Procedure for the determination of the ampacity derating of fire-protected cables)
IEEE C 62.22.1-1996 (Guide for the connection of surge arresters to protect insulated, shielded electric power cable systems)
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