AL Conductor EPR/XLEVA 0.6/1kV LSOH Power Cable 90°C


These durable, high temperature resistant LSOH cables are designed for wind turbines and dedicated for fixed installation inside the tower.


  • IEC 60502-1


AL Conductor EPR/XLEVA 0.6/1kV LSOH Power Cable 90°C
Conductor Aluminium conductor, class 2 according to IEC 60228/EN 60228
Insulation Special cross-linked halogen free rubber EPR for high temperatures
Sheath Special cross-linked synthetic halogen free rubber EM8 (XLEVA). CPE can be offered upon request.

Technical Data

Rated Voltage U0/U (Um) 0.6/1kV
Operating Temperatures -40℃~+90℃
Minimum Bending Radius 6×OD
Maximum Permissible Tensile Load 15 N/mm^2
Short-circuit Temperature 250℃
Flame Retardant IEC 60332-1/ IEC 60332-3
Halogen Free IEC 60754
Corrosive Gases IEC 60754
Smoke Density IEC 61034
Oil Resistant Yes
Ozone Resistant Yes
UV Resistant Yes
Water Resistant Yes

Dimensions and Weight

Construction Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
No. of cores×mm^2 mm kg/km
1×150 22.5 640
1×185 25.0 770
1×240 27.8 980
1×300 30.5 1210
1×400 35.5 1550
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