NTSCGEWOEU Medium Voltage Torsion Resistant Cable 3.6/6kV


These medium-voltage cables are designed for energy transmission, also for loop applications.


  • DIN VDE 0250-813


NTSCGEWOEU Medium Voltage Torsion Resistant Cable 3.6/6kV
Conductor Stranded tinned copper wires according to DIN VDE 0295
Insulation Special EPR with inner and outer conducting layer
Sheath CM/CR

Technical Data

Rated Voltage U0/U (Um) 3.6/6kV
Operating Temperatures -40℃~+90℃
Minimum Bending Radius 10×OD
Torsion Application +/-100°/m
Oil Resistant Yes
Ozone Resistant Yes
UV Resistant Yes

Dimensions and Weight


Construction Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
No. of cores×mm^2 mm kg/km
3×35/35 61.0 5723
3×50/50 69.0 6596
3×70/70 73.0 7881
3×95/95 80.0 10612
1×240 42.8 3100
1×300 44.9 3800
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