CC-Link 1.10 Cable


Applications :

  • CC-Link® (Control & Communication Link) is a field network system that processes both control and information data at high speed, to provide efficient, integrated factory and process automation.
    CC-Link is particularly popular in Asia and is used worldwide for time critical applications .
    CC-Link is certified by CLPA and ensures product compatibility.

Construction :

  • Type 3 x 20AWG Cable
    Inner Conductor Plain copper conductors 20(7)AWG
    Conductor Insulation Foamed PE with a hard skin
    Stranding Element -
    Core Wrapping Polyester taped
    Shielding Aluminium foil
    Total Shielding Tinned copper wire braid – 78% optical coverage
    Drain Wire 22(19)AWG tinned copper
    Outer Jacket Material PVC / PE
    Core Identification Yellow, White, Blue
    Sheath colour Red

Electrical Data :

  • CharacteristicImpedance@1MHz 110 Ω ± 10Ω
    Conductor Resistance 36.0 Ohm/km max.
    Insulation Resistance 10.0GOhm x km min.
    Mutual Capacitance@1 KHz 60.0 nF/km nom.
    Working Voltage Max:300v
    Test Voltage 2 KV
    Data Rate 156 Kbit/s 1200m
    625 Kbit/s 600m
    2.5 Mbit/s 200m
    5.0 Mbit/s 110-150m
    10.0 Mbit/s 50-100m
    Attenuation 1MHz 1.6dB/km
    5MHz 3.5dB/km

Technical Data :

  • Weight approximately 76.0 kg/km
    Min. Bending Radius (Laying) 15 x OD mm
    Operating Temp.Range, min. - 40 °C
    Operating Temp.Range, max. +70 °C