Applications :

  • DeviceNet™ communication link is based on proven CAN technology.

    DeviceNet™ is a bus system developed by Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation). These cables are used to interconnect various industrial devices, such as SPS controls or limit switches.

    The special characteristic of this bus system is that a data pair and a power supply pair are integrated in one cable.

    These cables with PVC jacket are designed for fixed installation.

Construction :

  • Type/Area of Application DeviceNet Trunk DeviceNet Drop
    Cable Construction 1x2x0.96mm2 +1x2x1.53mm2 1x2x 0.24mm2+1x2x0.38mm2
    Inner Conductor Diameter (data pair) Copper, tinned (AWG 18/19) Copper, tinned (AWG 24/19)
    Inner Conductor Diameter (power pair) Copper, tinned (AWG 15/19) Copper, tinned (AWG 22/19)
    Conductor Insulation (data pair) Foam-skin-PE/PE/Cell PE Foam-skin-PE/PE/Cell PE
    Conductor Insulation (power pair) PVC/ PE/ Cell PE PVC/ PE/ Cell PE
    Conductor Colors 1 light blue, white light blue, white
    Conductor Colors 2 red, black red, black
    Stranding Element Double conductor Double conductor
    Shielding Polyester foil, aluminum-lined Polyester foil, aluminum-lined
    Total Shielding Copper braid, tinned Copper braid, tinned
    Drain Wire yes yes
    Outer Jacket Material PVC/ PUR/ PE/ FRNC PVC/ PUR/ PE/ FRNC
    Outer Cable Diameter 12.0 mm ± 0.3 mm 7.0 mm ± 0.3 mm
    Outer Jacket Color Grey/ Violet/ Yellow Grey/ Violet/ Yellow

Electrical Data :

  • Characteristic Impedance@1MHz 120 Ω ± 10Ω 120 Ω ± 10Ω
    Conductor Resistance 22.6 Ohm/km max. 90.0 Ohm/km max.
    Insulation Resistance 0.20 GOhm x km min. 0.20 GOhm x km min.
    Mutual Capacitance@800MHz 39.8 nF/km nom. 39.8 nF/km nom.
    Working Voltage Max: 300V Max: 300V
    Test Voltage 2.0 KV 2.0 KV
    Data Rate 125 Kbit/s 500m 125 Kbit/s 100m
    250 Kbit/s 250m 250 Kbit/s 100m
    500 Kbit/s 100m 500 Kbit/s 100m
    Attenuation: 125 KHz < 0.42 dB/100m 125 KHz < 0.95 dB/100m
    500 KHz < 0.81 dB/100m 500 KHz < 1.64 dB/100m
    1 MHz < 1.26 dB/100m 1 MHz < 2.38 dB/100m

Technical Data :

  • Weight approximately 195.0 kg/km approximately 69.0 kg/km
    Min. Bending Radius (Laying) 10 x OD mm 10 x OD mm
    Operating Temp.Range, min. - 20 °C - 20 °C
    Operating Temp.Range, max. +80 °C +80 °C