Interbus Loop Cable


Applications :

  • The two-conductor Interbus-Loop cable is to be applied as a data transmission cable as well as for the supply of sensors.

    The threeconductor Interbus-Loop cables is applied for supply of actuators.

    These cables are also suitable for Interbus-Loop 2.

Construction :

  • Type 2 pairs/ 3 pairs interbus Loop cable
    Inner Conductor Bare copper conductors 1.5mm²
    Conductor Insulation PE
    Stranding Element Specially adjusted layering with netting tape and one additional non-woven tape over the outer layer
    Core Wrapping -
    Shielding -
    Drain Wire: -
    Outer Jacket Material PVC/ PUR/ FRNC
    Conductor identification Blue, red
    Sheath colour Purple

Electrical Data :

  • Characteristic Impedance@250MHz - 10MHz 75 Ω ± 15 Ω
    Radiation Resistance 5 x 107 cJ/kg
    Weather Resistance Very good
    Working Voltage Max: 350V
    Test Voltage 1KV

Technical Data :

  • Weight: approximately 78.0 kg/km approximately 94.0 kg/km
    Min. Bending Radius 15 x OD mm
    Operating Temp.Range, min. - 40 °C(flexing)/ - 50 °C(static)
    Operating Temp.Range, max. +90 °C