Application and Description

These cables are used for electricity supply in low voltage installation system, They are suitable for installation in indoors and outdoors, in cable ducts, underground, in power and switching stations, local energy distributions, industrial plants, but it can not be embedded in concrete.

Standard and Approval

  • NP - 2356/4

Cable Construction

Solid copper conductor, class 1 to NP 2363
PVC insulation
Color coded to HD 308
Flexible PVC outer jacket

Technical Characteristics

Working voltage 300/500 volts
Test voltage 2000 volts
Flexing bending radius 15 x O
Static bending radius 12 x O
Flexing temperature -5o C to +50o C
Fixed installation temperature -40o C to +70o C
Flame retardant IEC 60332-1
Insulation resistance >100 MΩ x km

Cable Parameter

No. of Cores x Nominal Cross Sectional Area Nominal Thickness of Insulation Nominal Thickness of Sheath
# x mm^2 mm mm
2x1.5 9.0 110
2x2.5 10.0 145
2x4.0 11.0 190
4x1.5 10.0 155
4x2.5 11.5 215
4x4.0 13.0 300
4x6.0 14.5 410
3x1.5 9.5 125
3x2.5 10.5 175
3x4.0 11.5 24
5x1.5 11.0 185
5x2.5 13.0 260
5x4.0 14.5 380
5x6.0 16.0 490
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